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Reasons WHY you should have your air conditioning equipment regularly maintained:-

Maintenance & Service

Air conditioning has undoubtedly become an essential component in many of today's homes and businesses. If looked after correctly it will reward you with years of trouble-free service, but if this upkeep is neglected or not carried out correctly the equipment can depreciate from an asset to a liability.

An air conditioning unit is not a maintenance free piece of equipment. Certainly in order to keep your air conditioning system working efficiently and quietly, as a minimum, the filters need to be regularly cleaned and replaced every few years.

Preventative maintenance visits will ensure that your equipment remains running efficiently and effectively, greatly reducing electrical consumption and the risk of a major failure that could prove costly to your business. A longer life expectancy of the equipment is assured, as is a fresh and hygienic environment for you at home or your staff at work.

Like all mechanical devices air conditioning units require regular maintenance in order to get the best from them. Without regular maintenance, your equipment will gradually lose performance whilst using up more energy to carry out the same work. You must, therefore, consider maintenance and servicing to be all part and parcel of owning and running air conditioning equipment.

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