What equipment is typically required ?

As with most things in life, the 'you get what you pay for' rule applies. Rooms at home can be cooled with portable cooling units or 'through the wall' type air-conditioners (both of which are detailed elsewhere on our website), however with a more refined solution in mind, the installation of 'fixed' type equipment is required.

The split type system is the most commonly used form of air-conditioning system. As the name suggests, the refrigeration circuit is split into two halves, with each half being contained within separate indoor and outdoor units. The indoor units are attractive in appearance and available in varying styles to suit the surroundings. They contain a heat-exchanger and low-noise fan, and are generally wall-mounted, floor-standing or concealed within attic spaces or radiator cases.

The outdoor units are responsible for rejecting the unwanted heat to outside. They are again compact in design and operate with extremely low noise ratings. They can be sited anywhere outside, either floor-standing on patio areas or flat roofs, or wall-mounted on suitable brackets.

The indoor and outdoor units are connected via insulated refrigeration pipework and the necessary cabling to restore the complete refrigeration circuit. The separation between the indoor and outdoor unit can be anything up to 30 metres.

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