What is an Inverter ?

The compressor is the units heartbeat. An older style of unit would turn the compressor on at full power, when temperature was reached, the unit would turn off. The cycle would repeat throughout the day. This was expensive as turning this old style of compressor on and off drew a lot of electrical current. The new "inverter" driven units have compressors that can fluctuate their load depending on what is actually required. You can compare it to a car engine and the accelerator. When you need more heating or cooling, the inverter compressor speeds up. When you need less it slows down, rarely turning off. This means the unit is hardly ever drawing any load electrically. Experts have suggested that inverter driven units can save up to 40% on running costs!

Please see the graphical image below which we hope will help you to better understand the principles of using an inverter over a non-inverter air conditioning unit.

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